Day 0007

Mmmmmmm, mangoes. I love them. I love painting them, with their red, green, and yellow coloring and weirdly not-egg-shaped form, and I love eating them, especially the windfalls from giant mango trees. I need a few weeks/months/years in the tropics. This was another painting done on unprimed oil paper, and thus very absorbent. I did, however, give it a few licks of Neo Megilp, the Gamblin brand thixotropic alkyd that’s meant to imitate the effect of megilp, a very fun to paint with mixture of black oil (linseed oil boiled with litharge, or lead oxide….kids, don’t try this at home) and a hyper-concentrated formulation of mastic varnish. When mixed, it forms a jelly that’s a lot of fun to paint with. Neo Megilp isn’t as historical, but it’s also a lot of fun, and I’m guessing it’s less toxic.